Getting To Know The Latest Trends In Wedding Photography

Weddings are undoubtedly momentous occasions in the lives of the wedded couple, as well as everyone that loves and cares for them. No matter your role in the proceedings, it’s important that every single facet of it go as smoothly as possible. Of course, that’s doubly true for the wedding photography. From the couple themselves to the immediate family and friends, many will want to have great photos of the day to look back on and commemorate the occasion. With that in mind, here are some of the latest trends in wedding photography:

1 – Candid “Behind The Scenes” Shots

Few types of photos are able to capture the “behind the scenes” energy that stirs as a wedding is underway like candid shots showcasing all of the key players in various moments throughout the day. You have to be selective of course since photos that weren’t posed for can easily lead to a wacky facial expression or two, but the impromptu and lively nature of candid photographs always make them among the best of the day. The ceremony itself and the reception will be well taken care of, so don’t forget to have some of the fun and intimate little moments beforehand documented as well. Katelyn James does a great job of showing off her behind the scenes images every year.

2 – Real Film Is Back “In”

The convenience of shooting digitally is undeniable. It’s quick, easy, and you can have images ready for any post-processing work in a flash. You’ll even be able to view raw files on the website of the wedding photographer straight away in many cases. With that said, no amount of filters can truly recreate the warmth of actual high-quality film stock. While you don’t have to use this expensive method for the entire event, you may want to consider using it for the primary photos of the wedded couple. There’s a real romance to actual film that will never be present on digital images. ¬†Erika Ashauer of Free Bird Photography offers an emphasis on film images which you can find on her photography Facebook page – but does do a combination with digital. After meeting with her I have been inspired to look into bringing film into my¬†weddings as well. Unfortunately the equipment and film itself can be quite costly.

3 – Dramatic Compositions

Alongside your more candid moments, carefully thought out and composed shots are also among the latest trends in wedding photography. That means having a photographer with a truly artistic eye, standing by to capture moments that are the most symbolic of the wedding from a visual standpoint. That may include moments where the couple is framed and lit by a doorway leading outdoors, or when one of their parents has their hand on a shoulder for support.

You can also use intriguing lighting and designated special areas and choreographed attire to stage the most dramatic shots possible. There’s no harm in aiming for the slickest, most professional shots possible. If someone were to look at your wedding photos and feel they could’ve easily been featured in fashion magazines, well, you’ve clearly done something right!

Of course, that only scratches the surface. There’s plenty of room to explore and come up with new and interesting approaches to your wedding photography. At the end of the day, it really comes down to capturing the mood of the event and honoring the personality of the couple themselves. As long as you can do that, you’re golden!

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Making a come back!

One, Another disappeared into the nether regions of the photography world for a while. But, it is making a come back. Weddings, families, kids… be ready to get photographed! I am excited to be bringing my camera back out of the dusty closet ti take amazing photos of wonderful people. Absolutely cannot wait. Looking forward to it. Watch this space for more information.

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